Window Tinting Birmingham

We work in and around the Midlands specifically providing window tinting in Birmingham. We have worked with a number clients in Birmingham, from high end vehicles to buildings and window tints. We are fully mobile so can visit you to provide your tinting solutions or bring your vehicle to a dust free workshop to provide the best quality tints available.

Birmingham based Vehicle Window Tinting

We strive to give each of our customers the best possible service, with high quality seamless tints every time. If you are looking for car window tinting in Birmingham then give us a call today. We provide everything from light smoke, medium to fully dark or alternative colours. We are also able to help advise you on what options are legal when it comes to Car or Van Window Tinting. A lot of our Birmingham car window tinting customers come from referrals, as we ensure each client is happy and gets the best tint possible for their vehicle, not matter the shape or size. All of our services also come with a lifetime of ownership guarantee because we are confident in what we do.

Car window tinting Birmingham
Car window tinting Birmingham

Office building window tinting Birmingham

Office window security film

We have vast experience in providing office and building window tinting security film in Birmingham. We have fitted window tints to offices, hospitals, restaurants, schools, shopping centres, homes, flats, hotels and more, all in the Birmingham area. This also includes industrial units and showrooms where our clients do not what the outside world to see what they have on offer.

Our installers have worked closely with businesses in and around Birmingham to ensure we provide the best advise, whether your goal is to reduce sunlight, styling or security we are here to give you the best guidance on what tints you need for your Birmingham Business.

We also guarantee all of our work and only use the highest quality recommended tint film on the market from trusted window tinting film supplies in the UK. This also means we can provide absolute confidence with a lifetime ownership guarantee..

As an additional benefit, our window film also provides protection for your property from UV light damage.

Building Window Tints Birmingham
Building Window Tints Birmingham

Mobile Window Tinting Birmingham

We can visit you, or come to us.

At Window Tinting Birmingham we pride ourselves in our extremely high standards of quality. We are specialists in window tinting and security film and don’t do it as a side to tow bars, audio or alloys etc like many other companies.

We use the correct type of mounting and preparation solution so the tint will bond to the glass the way the manufacturer recommends, essential for the lifetime warranty we offer. 

We carry only the highest quality window films and will never use cheap unbranded films that have no manufactures warranty.

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Feel free to give us a call today on 07874009892, or alternatively pop into the office or get in touch through our contact form. We would love to hear from you!