Safety Film

Stop Burglars in their tracks with security film!

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Do you want to make your property more secure? Security window film makes it incredibly hard to break through your windows. We install the film onto existing glazing, we don’t need to remove your glass. Every installation comes with ten years warranty.

Your windows are a weak point in your house. What would happen if a potential burglar couldn’t break your windows? They’d more than likely move on to a premises that they can gain easier access to. We can install a security window film to give you an invisible barrier of protection, making your glass shatterproof.

The perfect solution for shop fronts

If you own a Jewellers or retail shop, security will be a priority. But you also want your store to look attractive and inviting, so bars and grills are out of the question. It’s vital that customers can see through clearly. That’s why security window film is your best choice. Optically clear, invisible when installed but giving excellent protection.

Safety Standards

Bring existing glass up to British standard EN 12600 (2B2) without the need of replacing the existing glazing at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for older residential and commercial buildings where replacement glass is restricted